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Couple HOPES is an online guided self-help intervention for couples, including a partner with PTSD symptoms, to improve PTSD & enhance relationship functioning!

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Couple HOPES is for couples where at least one partner has significant PTSD symptoms. Your relationship does NOT have to be in distress to do the program.
How Does It Work?
Couple HOPES is based on a couple therapy for PTSD that has been shown to improve PTSD, intimate relationships, and both partners’ well-being in research. It consists of seven online, interactive modules that give you and your partner concrete skills to help both PTSD and your relationship.

Couple HOPES is being tested in a research program to prove that it works. We're currently recruiting couples for a study where at least one partner is a Canadian military member, veteran, first responder or healthcare worker.

If you're in this group, and interested in taking part in this study, please click here, and complete the form on the next page