You don’t have to do this alone.

Couple HOPES is an online PTSD intervention that gives you and your partner tools to improve PTSD symptoms and enhance your relationship.

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Thank you for your interest in Couple HOPES. Unfortunately, we are no longer recruiting for this study. However, there may be possibilities to partake in Couple HOPES in the future, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for updates.

While the Couple Hopes study is closed for now, the treatment that it's based on is widely available, thoroughly proven, and known as CBCT for PTSD. Visit Nellie Health or search the provider list at Couple Therapy For

-The Couple HOPES Team

What is Couple HOPES?

Our team developed Couple HOPES to make help more accessible. Couple HOPES is an online, self-help intervention that brings the scientifically-identified elements of effective PTSD treatment into your home to improve PTSD symptoms and enhance relationships.

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Couple HOPES is designed for individuals with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and their intimate partners.

What makes Couple HOPES different from other programs?


    Couple HOPES is based on a couple therapy for PTSD that has been shown to improve PTSD, intimate relationships, and both partners’ well-being.


    The convenience and accessibility of a companion app that makes practicing skills that much easier.


    The program consists of seven interactive modules that include engaging in-module videos and exercises, and practice assignments to complete between modules.


    You and your partner can review assessment feedback graphs to track your progress throughout the program.

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How does Couple HOPES work?

  • Pre-Module Assessments
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Our Team

The Couple HOPES team is made up of clinical psychologists, psychology students, postdoctoral fellows and digital media experts from the IMPACT Lab at Ryerson University and the TULiP Lab at York University. We are committed to developing clinically relevant, original research aimed at decreasing individual PTSD symptoms, as well as improving relationships. We created this program to provide high-quality care that also overcomes the stigma associated with seeking mental health services and the logistical, economic, geographic, and social barriers to help.

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