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How Couple HOPES works.
Couple HOPES is based on a couple therapy for PTSD that has been shown to improve PTSD, intimate relationships, and both partners’ well-being in several studies (www.coupletherapyforptsd.com). Our team developed Couple HOPES so more people can have access to effective help.

Couple HOPES consists of seven interactive modules that give you and your partner concrete skills to help both PTSD and your relationship. These seven modules are completed together and include videos and exercises for you to do during the modules, and assignments to complete between modules to achieve your goals.

Each of the modules takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Between the modules, you will complete brief assignments, often daily, to help you put the skills to work. Each of you will have accounts on Couple HOPES that are linked together so that you can see each others’ responses to the practice assignments within and between the modules. Doing the exercises is key to success!

Throughout Couple HOPES you will complete brief assessments to see your progress in meeting your goals. You will also be assigned a “Couple Coach” who will be in contact with you via secure online messages and brief phone call check-ins between the modules of the program to support your recovery.